An Interview with Zack


Q: What have you been up to lately? 

A: Wasting my life away, doing drugs, and killing my brain cells. 

Q: Sounds like you’ve been keeping busy. 

A: Very. I’ve been doing a little traveling. I just started going back to school. Continuing my stand-up and just finished my third and, hopefully, final book. 

Q: Wow, that’s awesome! Tell me more about the new book. 

A: My new book is titled When Life Hands You Lemons… Throw Them At People!, and it basically models my life philosophy: Don’t take shit from anyone, always be yourself, always enjoy yourself, and never give up; drive and passion will get you everywhere. 

Q: Nice. So what exactly is your book about? 

A: The book’s filled with a lot of very fun and very ridiculous stories from my life that are basically little anecdotes that people can read and enjoy. It’s a very funny book. At least funny to those of us with a twisted sense of humor. 

Q: Give us a little preview of what we might read about. 

A: Well, let’s see… I talk about my first smoking experience; I was nine. My stepdad was a heavy smoker and so I convinced my cousins that if we wanted to play believable undercover agents, we needed to smoke to add to our “badass-ness.” We couldn’t find fresh cigarettes, so I convinced them that the used butts all over our backyard were just as good. And we rode our scooters up and down the street smoking these cigarettes. Which now that I look back at things, we clearly should’ve reported our parents to Child Protective Services. 

Q: No way! That’s crazy! What else? 

A: Uhm, well I was raised Catholic, so there are some stories about like my first holy communion and about attending Catholic school and the absurdity that was. I talk about my lack of social life as a teenager and attending my first house party. I talk about entering college and starting stand-up. I talk a lot about all the stupid stuff I’ve done in my life. And basically I end it with saying that even though I’m a mess, even though I have a dirty mouth, even though I can be a little vulgar, even though I’ve been through a lot of shit, that doesn’t mean I should let that affect where I’m going in life. And I don’t let it affect me. I love the person that I am. I annoy myself at times and talk to myself a little too much, but I still am very proud of the person that I am. 

Q: That’s great. So the book isn’t all comedy and jokes? 

A: For the most part, it is. It’s funny. But there are small parts of it that are serious. I talk about my relationships with my parents and the lack of parental guidance that I had to deal with. I talk about my relationship and experiences with my alcoholic stepfather. I talk about my life. Very honestly. Very candid. I really just put it all out there. 

Q: Where would you classify this book? As far as compared to your other two. 

A: This is, hands down, my favorite book. Without a doubt. 

Q: Why? 

A: Because I feel like this book really personifies the person that I am. There are points where you’re gonna read it and probably hate me and think of me as rude and immature and as a huge asshole, and then there are parts where you might get a little emotional and see a more vulnerable side of me. I can guarantee that you’re not going to enjoy me for the entire read, but by the end of the book you’re either going to love me or hate me. And I hope that it’s love me, but essentially, you’re getting to know me; the real me. Not the me that people thought I was during all the autism activism stuff; not the me that people think I am while on stage, but the me that I am every day. The me that my family and close friends have gotten to know and love. 

Q: Awesome. So aside from the book, what other projects are you currently working on? 

A: Myself. I enjoy working on myself. (Haha) Uhm, right now, aside from the book, I’m working on… my stand-up. I want to keep that going. I enjoy it. It’s so terrifying and so humiliating, but I really enjoy it. I’m also trying to keep the activism alive. I work a lot with Generation Rescue, which is Jenny McCarthy’s organization. We have a comedy benefit next month at the Hollywood Laugh Factory [July 25, 2012] and I will be performing there. 

Q: That’s great! So what does the future hold for Zack? 

A: For a long time I considered running for President, but I’ve discovered that I’m too intelligent for politics. So I figured I’d go where I could show off my other assets. My well-endowed assets. So I think I might start getting into porn. 

When Life Hands You Lemons… Throw Them At People! is on sale July 24th, 2012.

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Okay, reading that back, really makes me proud that I’m me. And really afraid that my life has become an episode of Glee.
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Book #3 Announced!

Alright, this is it, my third book!

When Life Hands You Lemons… Throw Them At People!: A Book About Growing Up, Screwing Up, and Moving Up, with Just an Ounce of Maturity 

Lemons...! by Zack Gonzalez (book cover)



When life has handed him way too many ridiculous absurdities, the smart-mouthed and quick-witted Zack Gonzalez decides that life’s lemons aren’t bestowed for selfish affairs such as making lemonade.

In a wild concoction of hilariously brash narratives, Zack recounts all of his life’s most erratic moments, shaping the character he is today. Whether it’s trying to convince his principal that the reason his hair is orange is because his mother made him color it, arguing with his great-grandmother over whether she’s taking a shot of gin or just drinking her “medicine,” or being voted the team’s least valuable player, Zack really knows how to take life’s lemons… and chuck them in the other direction, for the sake of his sanity; and sometimes at the cost of others’.

Welcome to very unique life of Zack…

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